Your foam roll is probably not helping your ITB problem

The iliotibial band (ITB) is generally thought to contribute to anterior knee pain and is the focus for many physical therapy related treatments. ITB problems and anterior knee pain can be very complicated problems. Many biomechanical problems have been thought to contribute to anterior knee pain, including, but not limited to, foot problems, bone alignment…

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Seven Tips for Non-Frequent Skiers to Stay Injury-Free

  Okay, so you’re not skiing 100 days a year.  You’re not training for the national ski team, and you’re not hucking a cliff anytime soon.  If your goal is to ski 10 days or less with your family or friends and not get hurt, then this blog is for you. Here are my beginner…

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Science-based Recommendations for Vitamins

  I’ve became interested in the science based use of vitamins after a former colleague of mine decided that she wanted to become an “independent consultant” for a vitamin company. I become to question her recommending to every one of her clients that they need to have certain kind of vitamins and then proceeded to…

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We Can Predict Whiplash Disability

There are many risk factors for developing chronic symptoms from a car accident. 50% of crash victims will be pain free within 6 months, while 25% have mild disability and another 25% have moderate to severe disability. Three factors have been recently used to correctly predict who will be a risk for having prolonged symptoms.…

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Hamstring curls: Possible cause for medial meniscus tears?

One of the observations I’ve had during my career is the occasional client who had a medial meniscus tear and has absolutely no idea how they tore it. Granted, there is a percentage of people who walk this earth that have meniscus tears and don’t have any pain. But, I have noticed that a good…

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Aerobic exercise for managing acute and chronic spine pain.

“I run six-to-eight miles a day, plus weights and aerobics in the lunch hour. I also lie a lot, which keeps me thin.” – Hugh Laurie One of the mainstays of my practice is a large emphasis and discussion of aerobic exercise in management of acute and chronic spine pain. The benefits of aerobic exercise…

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All models of care are not all things to all people: Treatment Approaches

There are many different approaches to managing your spine pain in physical therapy. Generally, all of them fall under these categories. Joint manipulation and mobilization: These approaches consist of thrust and non-thrust techniques, with the goal being to reduce pain, relieve stress on nerves, and improve joint ROM. Soft tissue manipulation: These approaches generally consist…

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Acute Whiplash Recommendations and Self Care Instructions

Acceleration Injuries Acute Injury Self Care Instructions, WAD II and III From the time of impact and up to 4 weeks “Injuries DO heal, and it’s all about you taking control.” -Be as active as you possibly can within reason. Rest is only recommended in the first 4 days after an accident, but prolonged rest…

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