Muscle of the Week: Supraspinatus

Here’s a quick and fun look at the human muscle anatomy.  Every week we focus on one particular muscle that is commonly injured or has some unique features that go underappreciated.  Enjoy! Name of muscle? Supraspinatus:  Supraspinatus is Latin for “above the spine” because it is located above the bony ridge in the back of the shoulder…

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Have you met my beautiful wife?

  I’d like to introduce Bethany Carmellini.  On September 24, 2016, surrounded by wonderful friends and family, we (finally!) got married at Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden, Colorado. Besides marrying my best friend, the highlight of the evening for me was to have my band, Rachel & The Ruckus ( play a hour set.  This…

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Physical Therapist, Heal Thyself!

  What to do when your patient is yourself. A personal story of my ongoing Medial Meniscus Tear. Part I Apart from being a professional, I’ve done a lot of absolutely stupid things in my life. I’ve raced road bicycles and hit the pavement at 35 mph with 20 guys crashing on top of me.…

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Medicine and Music

  I backed into the science world from the arts world, and this isn’t your typical path to a medical career.   I’ve been lucky enough to keep one foot in the music world while I continue to keep two feet in the physical therapy world.  Personally, I don’t see much difference between playing polyrhythms and…

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