We are open, and offering in-person exams while carefully following the CDC guidelines.
We also offer virtual telehealth appointments from the comfort of your home.
Some of these services may be reimbursable by your insurance plan.
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Innovative Solutions for Pain

Acute Spine Pain

Disc herniation, facet pain, spinal instability, sciatica, radiculopathy, sacroiliac joint pain (SIJ), sports injuries, and trauma…We can treat all spinal-based pain. Regardless of the source, we have the solution to manage your symptoms.

Chronic Spine Pain

Degenerative spine conditions, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, nerve injuries, failed back surgeries, recurrent spine pain with activity that is getting worse. We have compelling treatment plans to help decrease your pain and get you moving.


We are the only local office treating ALL types of spine trauma injuries, especially from car accidents. Treatments for whiplash can include soft tissue manipulation, exercise-based stability, joint manipulation, dry needling, and neuro-reintegration.


The pain in your head may be the result of neck or vestibular system problems. Our specialized treatments can decrease frequency, intensity, and duration of headaches.

Vestibular and Balance Disorders

Our specialized form of physical therapy treats the primary (inner ear, eyes, neck) and secondary (strength, decreased activity, loss of ROM) symptoms.

Post-Surgical/Post-Pain Management

Physical therapy for the spine following a spinal fusion, discectomy, laminectomy, disc replacement, radial frequency procedure or post-spinal injection.

Already tried physical therapy with no Results?

Physical therapy should be highly customized; each case requires a different approach to treat the specific set of symptoms. We specialize in difficult cases.

General Orthopedic Care and Physical Therapy

We are excellent providers of orthopedic and sports physical therapy. We have one of the few Board Certified Orthopedics Specialists in the area.

Seek Physical Therapy and Feel Better

Metropolitan Physical Therapy, LLC focuses on progressive, quality, and innovative treatment plans to relieve your pain.

We are the only clinic in the area that specializes in acute and chronic spine pain, but we can also meet the needs for all of your orthopedic injuries, as well. This includes joint pain relief.

We have an experienced sports medicine physician on staff to help you deal with any sports injuries you may have had. Along with such, we offer excellent customer service, transparent billing practices, and compelling treatment plans.

Our physical therapist is trained using the latest technology and treatment options so that you get high-quality treatments that meet your needs and help you feel better. We desire to be your go-to clinic for non-surgical spine care and back pain management.

We serve the residents of Lafayette CO and Erie CO, which means you can get appropriate physical therapy without extensive travel times.



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