We got him better in 4 less visits and two weeks faster for a superior outcome.

A recent outcome from a proximal hamstring rupture and surgical repair. Approximately 3500 physical therapy clinics across the country use a software called FOTO to assess patient outcomes. This allows for individual clinics, like Metropolitan Physical Therapy, to compare and measure the success of their patients’ outcomes with other clinics. Metropolitan Physical Therapy recently discharge…

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“Whiplash” is not just a muscle injury

“To be able to successfully treating whiplash injuries, you need to be a good manual therapist, and be a good vestibular therapist.” Adriaan Louw, International Pain and Spine Institute Historically, the term “whiplash” was coined by physician Harold Crowe in 1928.  He used the term to describe the whip-like motion the cervical spine is subjected…

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Why choose Metro PT for your car accident/whiplash injuries?

Who do you see after a car accident for your injuries? I think it’s really difficulty to weed through the many different kind of providers; massage therapists, chiropractors, pain management physicians, yoga instructors, Pilates instructors, personal trainers, and surgeons all have their biases and the best way to proceed.  It’s very confusing, especially when you’re…

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The Case Against Vigorous Stretches for the Neck

The neck is a curious thing, and one of my favorite parts of the body to treat as a physical therapist.  There is so much to know and understand to be capable with management of the cervical spine that it uses all of my skill sets. I stopped instructing my patients with vigorous neck stretches…

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Lateral Instability After a Medial Meniscectomy: A Case Video

The above video is of a recent patient who is 5 weeks post medial meniscectomy.  He has already returned to some moderate skiing and is mostly pain free at this point, but you can see in the video that all things are not quite right with his knee. When I examined him, I noticed that…

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Words Matter: Using language that is accurate but does not provoke fear

Let’s play a game!  I’m going to describe an injury and you chose which explanation makes you feel most positive and hopeful about the explanation, let’s begin. Round 1: 40 year old male presents with acute low back pain that increases with bending forward and goes away with bending backward.  Pain started a week ago…

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We got your back (Literally!)

  We have dozens of 5-star reviews on multiple platforms including Facebook, Google, and Yelp. We have a proven track record of superior outcomes, including for improving patients with shoulder, low back, neck, headaches, foot/ankle, and knee problems. We have a 97% patient satisfaction rate and have some of the best customer service around Boulder…

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