Foto - Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes INC


How can you tell if you are winning or losing if you don’t know the score of the game?

Metropolitan Physical Therapy is pleased and excited to be using FOTO to hold ourselves accountable to achieving the best outcomes for our customers. We want to make sure you get a win.

It’s one thing to say Ad nauseam (to the point of nausea) that we’re a better physical therapy office, but at the end of the day, it really comes down to whether we can help you or not. But how do you as the consumer know whether you getting a good bang for your buck for your health care dollar?

We actually hope to prove it by comparing how our patients respond to our care compared to other offices throughout the country by using an outcome measuring tool called FOTO.

FOTO stands for Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes. FOTO is a system which compares your symptoms, medical history, and injury with 9 million physical therapy visits in the last 30 years. You get a rating on your first visit and a “typical response” to physical therapy for people with similar problems. We give this survey multiple times during your care so we can get a “picture” of your progress. This keeps us accountable to making sure you get better. And you get to see how well you are progressing compared to other patients similar to you.

So far, we have been collecting data for about two months, and all of our patients have achieved a result above the “typical outcome”, with many surpassing the typical outcome below the national average number of visits. Seeing the bar graph when we complete the survey is a really nice way to see how you’re doing and where you need to go for your progress.

As we gather more data on our outcomes, we will then publish these outcomes on our website in the future. This will provide a health care “win” for the consumer.

You can find out more information about FOTO on their website: