A recent outcome from a proximal hamstring rupture and surgical repair.

Approximately 3500 physical therapy clinics across the country use a software called FOTO to assess patient outcomes. This allows for individual clinics, like Metropolitan Physical Therapy, to compare and measure the success of their patients’ outcomes with other clinics.

Metropolitan Physical Therapy recently discharge a male in his late 40s after receiving care for a surgically repaired, traumatic proximal hamstring rupture. This gentleman has a very active lifestyle and was extremely motivated to be successful with his physical therapy.

Below is a summary of how our hamstring repair patient did compared to similar patients in other clinics throughout the US:

Predicted National Average MetroPT outcome
Number of Visits 15 11
Functional Improvement (Initial score was 40/100) 65/100 98/100
Length of Care (days) 73 61
Patient Satisfaction 97.3% 100%


As you can see, he crushed it on his outcome.  We got him better in 4 less visits and almost two weeks faster for an outcome that was superior most PT clinics in….and with excellent patient satisfaction!

Essentially, this is what we mean by “Your Life Better”.  Physical therapy marketing tends to focus on the types of interventions that they will perform, rather than talk about how well the interventions leads to a good outcome.   We personally believe that good physical therapy is more than the techniques and interventions that we perform on a patient, but rather how well we can manage that patient from beginning to end of care so we can achieve their best outcome.

To use a Jack and the Bean Stalk analogy, we’re not trying to sell you a “magic bean” that will cure all of your problems, we’re trying to sell you a professionally service that will help have less pain and function better is a way that faster than my competition.  It is more about the quality of the professionals we have on staff and the brains that we are using to solve your orthopedic problem.

Metropolitan Physical Therapy is one of the only clinics in Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, and Broomfield that is using the FOTO software. This is providing us with statistical data to prove that our 2018 physical therapy outcomes are in the top 6% in all orthopedic care in the country.

Can your PT say that, let alone prove it?

I think they should:)