car accident

Who do you see after a car accident for your injuries? I think it’s really difficulty to weed through the many different kind of providers; massage therapists, chiropractors, pain management physicians, yoga instructors, Pilates instructors, personal trainers, and surgeons all have their biases and the best way to proceed.  It’s very confusing, especially when you’re in pain and just want to get better.

When you choose Metropolitan Physical Therapy after your car accident, you will get the following:
• The most comprehensive approach available with a strong track record of excellent patient outcomes (see relevant reviews below). You won’t find a physical therapy clinic with a better understanding of the different types and manifestations of injuries from car accidents.
• Treatment programs based in science-based assessments and modern approaches, not traditions or technique-oriented approaches.
• Detailed documentation for lawyers, insurance company, or a jury.
• Physical therapists trained in orthopedic, neurological, and vestibular injuries associated with accidents. (TMJ, peripheral nerve roots, disk and ligaments,  muscle strains, headaches, post-concussion treatment, shoulder pain, low back pain, and pelvic injuries.)
• Help you through the frustrating process of trying to get back to the way you were prior to your accident.

Below are two recent reviews from previous patients who were involved in serious car accidents:

Tom; Discharged January 2019
“I wanted to share my thoughts about the care I received from Vince. After receiving 9 months of PT from another care provider, I was fortunate enough to find Vince. He viewed my files and came up with an excellent treatment plan. At each visit he took the time to explain his treatment plan and the direction of each session. After about 3 months of treatment, I was released from PT. Vince is very knowledgeable in this field. He is caring and compassionate. I would highly recommend him to any friend or family member. I received outstanding service and his customer service is exceptional. Thank you, Tom R. Jan 2019”

Kyrie; Discharged January 2019
“MPT was a vital part of my recovery, and I am incredibly glad to have chosen them as my care providers. I was rear ended on I-25 on October 6th; I was completely stopped at a traffic jam and the car behind me hit me going between 40-60mph (the police said this was their best estimate), resulting in severe whiplash, a concussion, torn ligaments in my neck, and numerous other orthopedic issues.

I began seeing Vince around late October/early November when I immediately noticed a shift in recovery pace. He is kind, empathetic, and incredibly knowledgeable in his field- I was never afraid to come to appointments for fear of pain and I always felt like I was making progress. I had a very diverse, practical, and effective set of exercises and activities that helped me both to feel better and to feel productive because I was given the tools to work towards a full recovery.

After about 12 weeks of treatment, I was told I was doing very well for someone who was hit at such a high speed, (I could go back to school again!) and I fully believe that this may not have been the case had I gone elsewhere for physical therapy. Before this experience, I had never needed physical therapy and I was a little bit overwhelmed by the time and effort I knew it would take to get my life back on track after what was, for me, a devastating accident that left me with more long term pain than I had ever experienced before. With the help of Vince Carmellini and the rest of the staff at MPT, this burden was lifted as I worked with them to understand and work through and past the pain I was in. Thank you so much to MPT!”