Less Visits, Better Results, & More Money in Your Pocket!

Orthopedic Outcomes

98% percentile in low back pain outcomes and 94% percentile in orthopedic outcomes.

What would you do with $309 dollars in your pocket?

As promised in a previous post, Metropolitan Physical Therapy was going to capture our outcomes in care and publish those results.  We just finished collecting our initial data for the last three months and we did really well.

Compared to 4,200 other clinics in the country, the effectiveness of our care was superior and in the 87% percentile.  But our patients completed care in 8.44 visits compared to the average of 11.88 visits.  That pushed us up to 94% for all orthopedic injuries.  If all of our clients had a high deductible plan and were paying for most of the services themselves, our average patient would have saved about $309 dollars.

The graph pictured above, is based on our results in the 4th quarter of 2017 and consisted of our patients that were discharged between August 2017 and January 2018.  Majority of these patients were low back patients with the rest being a mixed bag of other orthopedic injuries.

The shining star in these results is that our lumbar spine clients had the best outcomes and were ranked in the 98% percentile.

Our clients have a better outcome than typical physical therapy clinics and in less visits.   Now that’s a reason to celebrate the New Year!