Have you figured out the “secret symbol” in our logo yet?

Secret Symbol In Our Logo

Have you figured it out yet?  Is it like a Dan Brown novel kinda thing, or like a backward message in a Led Zeppelin song?

When I started my business, I wanted to be a little different.  Like my business tag line, being “innovative”, “modern”, and “elegant” was something that would be important in developing the culture of the clinic.  I didn’t want the standard version a runner above the name of the clinic.  I’m pretty sure a large portion of clinics have this somewhere in there logo and that has already been worked.

I commissioned the logo from a friend of mine, and former business partner, to come up with the concept.  He came up with a few different versions.  But, the yellow partial circle/partial square really caught my eye and instantly liked it.

He knew have much I was really into music, so he took a guitar pick and rotated it 45 degrees.  Pure Genius.

Have a great July 4th!  If you hurt yourself, we will be back in the clinic on July 5th:)